Home Inspection Offers Benefits for Buyer AND Seller

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One of the most important things you can do prior to completing a real estate transaction is perform a home inspection. Whether you are buyer or seller, the process provides a number of benefits.

There are a number of qualified home inspection professionals in the community and your agent is an invaluable tool in helping you find the right one for you. By employing the services of a trained and experienced home inspector you can gain valuable insight to help you make informed, confident decisions on whether to proceed with a transaction. The process can also save you thousands of dollars and headaches that may pop up down the road.

Benefits for Buyers

You've likely heard the old adage: "You can't judge a book by its cover." You've heard that adage because about 100% of the time, it's true. The way things look on the surface are not the best indicator of the condition of the home you are considering purchasing. A qualified, thoroughly trained home inspector can examine the property in detail and significantly reduce your risk by providing you a report in writing on the condition of the home.

And you should make a point to attend the home inspection. Not only can the home inspector show you potential issues, you can also gain insight on what routine maintenance will keep your home in top condition.

Benefits for Sellers

For sellers, the biggest home inspection bang for the buck comes prior to listing the home for sale. An inspection pre-listing will reduce the risk that a sale will fall apart because of previously unforeseen issues raring their heads when a post-offer inspection is done.

As a bonus, a thorough inspection by a trained professional can give you tips on how to quickly and inexpensively boost the value of your home. Oftentimes, these tips will more than pay for the price of the inspection in the form of a higher listing price and greatly improved marketability.

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